About hotel
Our hotel has a unique design of its six rooms. Each room’s name coincides with the names of the main road stations on the Arkhangelsk post road. Catherine the Great built this road during her reign. At these stations, travelers changed horses, and the newcomers could have dinner and rest there. Boutique hotel Troitsky locates in the center of the historical part of the city in the building of one of these tourist stops. It represents the typical architectural features of the town of Velsk in the XIX-XX centuries.
For the boutique hotel Troitsky the main priority is our guests! Our work bases on this principle. We understand what is valuable and significant for a person who is far away from home in another city: it is the high-qualified staff; stylish, comfortable rooms; excellent compliance with health standards, and fire safety regulations.

Except for a friendly, considerate approach to our guests and other requirements, we offer to become acquainted with the list of services.

  • Parking
    Secure parking on the hotel territory.
  • Wi-Fi access in the entire hotel
    High-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Television
    Digital (television) video broadcasting (50 channels).
  • Wake-up call
    Wake-up call on our guest’s request.
  • Laundry service
    An additional change of the bedclothes and towels. Ironing board. Laundry service.
  • Taxi request
    24-hour taxi request.
  • Restaurant
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the first floor of the hotel.
  • The reception is opened 24-hours
    Sending an e-mail, scanning, and copying documents.
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